The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn İngilizce Kitap Özeti

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    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn İngilizce Kitap Özeti


    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn İngilizce Kitap Özeti

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    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Huckleberry was the son of the town’s drunkard. All the mother’s of the town hated him. Because he was lazy, lawless and without manners and he had got a bad personality. Everybody thought their children was brilliant. Huck was without relation. A widow whose name was Douglas adopted him as her son. She was a rich woman. So Huck was a rich person. The widow’s sister Miss Watson came to live with her. But Huck didn’t love her. Because she always says : “ Don’t put your feet up there “ , “ Don’t sit like that “ , “ Sit up straight “ and she were trying to find his bad manners. So Huckleberry hated her. And also he don’t like his father and he didn’t want to see him again. Because he was a drunkard. He always used to beat him when he didn’t drink too much. He hadn’t been seen for more than a year and that was all right for Huck. But one day when he went up his room , his father was sitting there. His father was a poor person. But Huck was living a rich family. So he came to squeeze money from Huck. But he couldn’t. He started to disturb everybody to find money and came up to the widow’s house too much. One day, when Huckleberry finished his school that day, his father caught him and took away an old hut. He locked him in it. But he was very careful not to leave a knife or any thing in the hut when he was away. But Huckleberry was a lucky boy so he found a rusty saw and started to work to escape. When his father went to the town to sell some woods, he started to work again and escaped from home. But he had pretended to have been killed. Because he didn’t want to being found. Than he found a canoe and decided to go Jackson’s Island. Because he knew that the island was good for him and nobody ever came there. When he reached the island firstly he made a camp. Than he wanted to a tour to see the island and he saw another camp fire. At first he was afraid but he worried who was that ? He took his gun and went towards to the fire. There was a man on the floor. When he saw the face of the man he was very happy. Because he was Miss Watson’s old male servant Jim. He escaped from homewhen Miss Watson wanted to sell him. They talked for a long time. After that they decided to find a place to shelter in it. Than they found a cave and carried their things in to the cave. Another night here came a wooden house floating down on the west side. They paddled out and tied the canoe to it. When they looked inside of the house, they saw a lot of things and a killed man on the floor. That man was Huck’ father. But Jim didn’t show to Huck. They took useful things for them and left the house. Next day Huck wanted to go to the opposite of the river to see what happen and he saw a light in a little house that nobody lived in for a long time. But he was dressed up like a girl to haven’t being known. When he looked the window of the house, he saw a woman. Than he decided to enter to take some informations that he wanted to know. They talked for a long time. When he heard from the woman that Huckleberry killed by a nigger whose name was Jim , really worried. He thought he have to do something. Because there was a reward if someone found him. He thanked the woman and walked away from the house quickly. Than he took Jim and left the island. They started to make plan about to reach the towns where the niggers were free. They swam one or two night on the river. But third night a fog began. So they lost their way. At last they tired and slept in the canoe. When they woke up , the fog has gone. They went on but they couldn’t reach the towns. When they were on the river one night a steamboat crushed them. They lost with each other.Huck rescued his life and trying to find Jim but he couldn’t .

    After that he found a big old-fashioned house and met a new friends.Huck was very pleased. So everybody interested him.
    One day Huck was walking towards to the river , heard Jack who was one of the families niggers said Huck to wanted to show a place. When they reached there he saw Jim. So they were very happy. They started their travel again. One morning two man who said they were duke and king got on the canoe. When they were talking with each other, Huck thought they were liar and trickster. Because they were very poor and wore bad clothes. So they weren’t duke and king. But Huck and Jim called them duke and king. They swam on the river for a long time together.


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    --->: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn İngilizce Kitap Özeti


    Huck and Jim thought they were good friends for them. But one day they cheat Huck and sold Jim forty dollars. So Huck was very sad. So he started to cry. But it wasn’t good for him. Than he tried to thing what he can do ? He asked a boy has he seen a nigger.He said to Huck he was at Silas Place. He thanked to boy and started to make a plan to escape Jim. Than he decided to go Silas Place. When he arrived there a woman who was about forty five or fifty years old took Huck like Tom. The woman was Tom’s aunt Sally. But he wasn’t Tom so he was answering the questions without thinking. After that Huck met with Tom on the road. They were good friends before. Huckleberry told everything to Tom. Than Tom said to Huck he will help him. Than they changed their personalities and Huck was Tom , Tom was his brother Sid. When they were alone that night they started to make plans about how to rescue Jim. Than Tom said Jim was in an old hut out behind the kitchen.Huck asked Tom how did he understand. He said a nigger go in there with some foods and watermelon. So all of them were for a person. That night they went down to the hut and started to work to escape Jim. They were cutting a hole in the bottom log with pickaxe and shovel. They have been finished the operation and went near Jim. When they were near Jim, they heard that men were coming towards to the hut. They were going very close but Tom made a noise. So the men noticed them and fired. But they were succeed escaping from the men and they went through to Huck’s canoe. Than Huck said “You are a free man again” to Jim. So they were glad but Tom injured. When they heard that they weren’t so glad. Than Huck brought a doctor. But the doctor wanted Huck to wait them. Because the canoe was little. Everybody worried Tom. One day later Tom came the home with doctor and Jim. Men took Jim again to the hut but the doctor hindered them. Because Jim helped the doctor when he was trying to take out the bullet and the doctor said for Jim he was a very good man. After that Tom and Huck told everything Aunt Sally. Than Aunt Polly came in. She knew who was Huckleberry and told everybody. So anybody knew him. They talked for a long time together. At last Tom recovered. Everybody were very happy and Huck decided to not make a book again…

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    CaRaMeLa arkadaşımın vermiş olduğu içerik; ''The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' dökümanının kısa özetidir.

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    Bölüm1; Huckle berry finn was a young boy who lived in the southern part of the united states many years ago many people thought he was a very naughty boy but othrs disagreedhuckleberry was orphan his mother was dead and his father left the town where they lived huck went to live with the widow douglas and her sister miss Watson.miss Watson was very disciplined she always says to huch put your hands in your pocket and dont eat with your knife but miss Watson was wanted huck to be gentlemen but miss Watson was decided to put huck in order.but huck things he can not do anything huck things his father is so dangerous for him an done day his father come to see him but huck doesnt want to see his dad anyway he go to see his dad and some body grabbed huck from behind huck tried to get away but he couldnt there were two of the man huck shouted as loud as he colud but nobody heard him and the one of the man said stop your dad wants to see you and they said to huck he doesnt want us to hurt you but ı dont care i will kill these were friends of hucks dad.

    Bölüm 2; The two man took huck to a cabin in the woods mr finn was there he was was a thin,dirty.ugly man mr finn was sayin to huck you thin you are so special because you are going to finn was taking with him he wants huck tobe like him but huck wants to stay far to truobles.but hucks father was decided to his bad work.

    Bölüm 3; Huckleberry went to jackson Island well it was a quıte place and no one lıved there the huck was so happy because nobody telling him what to do but thre is problem for him he was lonely and he was hungry he can solve the problem easily because there is a river on there and he can catch fish.huck was walking in the forest sudenly he heard a sound he take look around someone was sitting inside the cave it was his old friend jim.they cooked teh fish for supper and sat in the cave listening to the rain and wind outside they were lucky to be in the warm dry cave.they found a house .

    Bölüm 4; Home sweet home said jimwhen they arrived safely back at jackson Island.finally he found her house in the forest he knocked at fer door and she opened it what are you doıng child ıts very late come ın come she said kindly.there was problem a snke bit jim and he was very ill and the old women asked huck apoisonous snake?yes ı need a mdecine very quıcly said huck but the old women said come sit but he dosent want to sit the old women said dont worry she went to a shelf and started lookıng at all the bottles finnaly she found the medicine and huck said thank you ma am huck politely huck hurriedback to jackson Island with teh medicine for jim when he got to the cave he saw that jim was worse and huck cried and huck said drink this he gave jim the medicine and sat beside him to watch after a while fell sleep huck jim said huh what oh jim huck woke up guıckly is that you you rae wearing a dress jim said what do you mean ı am not agirl dont be rude he was angry at first but then he was happy jim jim you are well he said after a while jim got better.

    Bölüm 5; Noting very exciting happened until the night yhe saw a river boat but nobody was inside the boat jim was whispering to huck and huck said why are you whispering jim there nobody in the boat shh answered jim oh yeah you thing so then whats that nose he asked they colud hear voices in one of the cabins someone was one the boat they hid and listened carefully let me out they heard a voıce say ha ha ha another voıce laughed we wont let you out.tom and huck lıstened to the three men argue .huck was confused there was somethıng about the voıce especially the first one then he realised it was his father and his two friends they catch huck s father.huck walked to the door and opened it insidecthrecwere three men they all bad shotguns whatkind of people were they huck stared at them shock and then fell to the floor he had no strength lefthe fainted.

    Bölüm 6; Huckleberry was very ill and the old gentleman felt sorry for him he was really avery kind man and he took huck into his home huck had nightmares evry time he slept and he didnt always know where he day he sat up in bed he saw the old gentlemen daughter sitting beside him.huck wants to go but she doesnt let him go she said your still ill im fine ma am well i mthirsty do you think you could get me something to drink he thought that he could escape when the girl left the room i will get you some water you stay here she picked up hucks clothes from the chair

    And left the room.the girl came back in yo the room with a tray.he thought about what to fo next and where to go maybe jim was back at the cave on jackson Island but maybe he wasnt he could go back there and look he didnt want to thıng about what he could do ıf he find his friend there he hoped jim was on the island but he was afraid he was dead.

    Bölüm 7; Huck sat there on the horse for a few moments he watched the steamboat go down the river then he turned to go suddenly he heard someone calling his name he turned around and saw jim on their raft in the river.they were both ready to continue their old lıfe on the river freedom and fishing and watermelon for breakfast suddenly they heard a voıce saying you are comıng with me this was the end of his big adventure it ended where it began at home goıng home was not as bad as huck thought the sheriff and miss Watson were angry at him but most people were happy to see him that night huck went ot see tom sawyer and his pirate gang he found his friends in their cave they were happy to see him an hey have a lot of questıons there was big river waiting for huck he knows because he went there before.

    Umarım, yardımcı olmuşumdur. ;)

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