Yunus Emre İngilizce Biyografi

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    Yunus Emre İngilizce Biyografi


    Yunus Emre İngilizce Biyografi

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    Yunus Emre, who was a great folk poet and a sufist whose poems provided spiritual bases to Turkish people, is full of myths. It is not certain when and where he lived and died. It is reported that he was born in Bolu or Sivrihisar.
    It is a popular rumor that Yunus was illiterate. It can be understood from his grammatical mistakes in his poems that he did not receive regular education. However, when you read his books, you cannot consider him as an ignorant person. His letters show that he knew a lot, and he understood very well the values and the styles of belief of his age. There are sections of his poems which cannot be easily understood in terms of language and ideas, which need explanations. However, there are many of them which are quite clear, natural, and thought-provoking.
    Yunus kept his place in the memories of Turkish people with his poems, hymns, and myths, revived in their language, lived in their spirit and was shed in their tears. Yunus Emre is a great, deep and sincere folk poet. He tried to explain the unreachable excitement of Allah love to the public with his clear Turkish, and he managed. For him, everything in the nature seeks and talks about Allah.
    We see a deep mystic culture in Yunus. He turned Turkish folk language into a literary language with his most beautiful works in Oghuz dialect. In his age, Persian was the literature language, and Arabic was the scientific language. Yunus Emre, gave the best expression of divine thoughts with his simple and plain language use.


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