Bursa'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Bursa'nın İngilizce Tarihi


    Bursa'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Seljuk Empire weakened and began to collapse as soon as possible on developments within the established Anatolian principality of the Ottoman dynasty, around tekfurluk receive, the stronger it grew. In 1299 İnegöl, Bilecik, Larissa and hackneyed territory around Iznik katıldı.Osman Gazi's success in the face of doubt fall in the Bursa tekfur Atranos, Kestel and Kite tekfur and the power with help from the Byzantine Koyunhisar'da met the Ottoman army. Osman Bey's forces this war 1301'deki won. In 1307 the Ottoman army under the command of Osman Bey, in association with this stance on the Bursa tekfur besieged. During this long siege of ill son, Osman Bey, Orhan Bey siege, leaving the administration went to Larissa.
    In 1321 Mudanya, Gemlik and Orhaneli participating in the Ottoman Empire, the siege of Delhi was narrow. Orhan Bey on April 6, 1326 the city took delivery. The capture of Bursa was the turning point for the Ottoman dynasty.
    Significant number of Byzantine castle after Bursa the Nikaia (Iznik) was referred on the Ottoman troops. Byzantine Emperor III. With the defeat of Pelekano last çırpınışlar Andronikos'un has ended. Orhan Gazi's stubborn siege finally received a five-year capital of Iznik 1331'de served. In 1334 Cius (Gemlik) joined the Ottoman lands. In 1335 the capital moved to Delhi. Introduction to major improvements were in the city. Orhan Gazi, the city of Hisar was founded out of the Orhan Gazi Mosque. Turkmen families from Central Anatolia, brought to the city be placed to form the city's minority population compared to the balance is improved.
    Orhan Gazi died in 1360, he was instead Hüdavendigar I. Murat. Rather, this sultan who are interested in Rumeli, 1366 were vehicles in the capital from Bursa to Edirne. In Kosovo in 1389 won major victories against the Crusaders were martyred during the Murad I. 's place in Anatolia as Bayezid job board çıktı.İlk suppress the rebellion was beginning to show. Aydın, Saruhan, Hinges and Karaman principality was the country level. Has also laid siege to İstanbul in 1396, won Niğbolu savaşıni. Timur's army in 1402 and he lost the battle in the plains Ankara, Bursa passed into the hands of Timur. Proud of this defeat to the Lightning suicide. Ottoman territory again by Timur country will take time to share with stereotyped civil war dragged on. Mehmet Celebi son Bayezid in Amasya, Balıkesir and Bursa around Jesus Celebi, Süleyman Çelebi declared their independence in Thrace.
    Prisoner during the Battle of Ankara to Timur Musa Çelebi, the body given to him upon his father's death, whether the release arrived in Bursa. Jesus drove here in Chalabi Balıkesir then declared sovereignty. But Chalabi shortly after the state was dominated by Jesus. Ontario took control again. These conflicts between princes became the precursors of the bloody confrontation.
    Located in Amasya Mehmet Çelebi, his brother Jesus wanted to deal with Chalabi. It hard to reject Jesus when the armies of the two princes met with Uluabat'ta. Isa Çelebi were defeated, took refuge in the Byzantine Empire. Süleyman Çelebi who wants to benefit from this state, in agreement with the Byzantine Emperor then took his brother Isa Çelebi. By giving him a strong association was posted on Bursa. Ontario wants to get the rig when the troops were disbanded grown by Mehmet Çelebi. In Eskisehir was killed in the bath. Father was buried in the tomb. Anatolia Mehmet Çelebi Süleyman Çelebi's army and finds dangerous strengthen the Bursa and Ankara were late to Anatolia. Moved to Ontario.
    Mehmet Celebi after completing military preparations on Bursa walked but could not afford two armies in conflict with each other.
    Mehmet Celebi, Süleyman Çelebi's presence in Anatolia was extremely nervous. To handle this situation without bloodshed with the request has chosen the path to an agreement with his brother Musa Çelebi. Troops spent with him in Rumeli. Strengthened in this region as soon as possible against the Musa Celebi, Süleyman Çelebi, leaving in Bursa, to Rumeli passed. We are waiting patiently Çelebi Mehmet, Bursa and Ankara, he connected again. Süleyman Çelebi in Rumelia, then defeated Musa Çelebi. But as soon as possible Musa Çelebi Süleyman Çelebi meet again in the near Sofia met and this time prevailed again, and his brother died in battle. His funeral was buried in a tomb in Bursa, I. Murad.
    Although the contract passed to Thrace, relying on his victory was declared in Edirne reign.
    Mehmet Çelebi and Musa Çelebi a strong army to defeat the die on the long fight ended, and his brother Mehmet Celebi was re-established the unity of the Ottoman Empire.
    Mehmet Çelebi and Musa Çelebi's latest war with the opportunity to Rumeli who were far Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey from Bursa, the city was surrounded, but the defense successfully showed Haci Pasha İvaz not exceed. Have attempted to various tricks, neighborhoods and mosques set on fire outside the city walls, the walls within the public expect them to have extinguished, but it was understood that fraud could not be successful. Meanwhile, Musa Çelebi Mehmet Çelebi were killed and the army are coming to Delhi and was taken back on the news.
    The success of Mehmet Çelebi, 1413 in Bursa since embarked on major activities in construction. 34 years old in 1421 in Edirne upon the death of the sultan was II.Murat. Son Mustafa Yıldırım Bayezid, Timur's death in 1405 to escape from captivity on from there to Anatolia with the support of the Byzantine to Rumeli passed. Dignitaries and military forces in the Ottoman Rumeli join him again when the Ottoman lands were divided into two. Meanwhile, in Anatolia, head showed some uneasiness.
    II.Murad, an army under the command of queen Bayezid Pasa Mustafa on Rumeli sent to the Prince. But to move to the opposite side of a partition of unity on the Sultan Bayezid Pasha was captured. That a strong army to Anatolia with courage field through Prince Mustafa, marched on Delhi. The two armies met near Lake Uluabat. Be put together by well-known Ottoman bey important part of Prince Mustafa supported by the switch to II.Murat right, Mustafa was appropriate to run away. Was captured and killed, but whether to follow. Meanwhile II.Murad 's brother, Mustafa was the opportunity to watch. While busy with the army to collect II.Murad Prince Mustafa marched on Delhi. Could not be successful but retreated to Nicaea was captured and died in 1423.
    Because people who love living down II.Murad throne of his son three times II.Mehmed to para. In the face of danger, but again was forced to ascend the throne. In this period, sat in Bursa. Died in 1451 in Bursa, was buried in a tomb in Muradiye.
    II.Mehmed 'in (Fatih) Istanbul after the conquest of Bursa active role in the history page will be reduced significantly. During the first 200 years of the Ottoman Empire a short time compared to other cities in Ontario have shown major improvements. Many were decorated with architectural structure, transfer of the cultural center of the world of science was recognized with madrasas, live trade has been strengthened due to the economic aspect.
    I. Murad capital to Edirne in the economic and cultural resources here that when moving along the second in the plan by bringing the left Bursa, Istanbul after the conquest of Bursa was doomed to remain longer in back.
    XVI of the Ottoman Empire. Towards the end of the century the economic situation to be shaken, madrasa in Bursa corruption of youth, in addition to start a few times around Bursa and locusts invaded the whole destruction of cultivated land, danger of starvation has initiated, and this is the eşkiyalığı murders increased.
    These developments have lead to their rebellion Celal, Bursa and its surroundings had taken control of Kalenderoğlu. This event was successfully resolved but 1606'da Ottoman İmparatorluğu'nca. In the meantime, Abaza Hasan Pasha uprising started in Konya snowball, the plunder which became a major force. Scroll to the west, these forces conquered Bursa. Their non-supporters were exiled to Bursa Edirne population. Köprülü Mehmet Pasha was known to suppress the insurrection and successfully captured and then killed immediately to the promoter. Began to weaken the local administration, bandits events, after the year 1753 the people of Anatolia, Bursa, Istanbul and Edirne, and to migrate to big cities such as new issues arise around here caused.
    Bursa XIX. century Ottoman Empire campaigner favorite city. Economically was extremely strong.
    Sultan visited Bursa in 1844 reigns. In the meantime, some new structure in Bursa was going. In 1855 a severe earthquake, an important part of the city in ruins, and then turned to ashes in the fire started.
    In Bursa Province in the Central relevance Hüdavendigar XX. At the beginning of the century brought the war l.Dünya versatile continued depression. The Greek occupation of Izmir (1919) in Bursa during the command of Colonel Bekir Sami was found in 56.Tümene troops belonging. Commander of the Union and urban intellectuals in 1919 they founded the League of Ilham Setbaşı'nda Ret. Subsequently the name of the League of Defense of Rights, this organization was organized in the county as soon as possible.
    For these developments in the Ontario government Ontario Ismail Bey was appointed governor. The new governor, officer and crusader for national, foreign exchange can be determined through the channel of a hidden organization to get started. This enlightened attitude Bursa prints at the end of this task by the curse was taken from the governor, Nemrut Mustafa Pasha was appointed instead. However, his stance on being more aggressive was banished from Bursa. Meanwhile, riots in Delhi and around the large wounds opened Anzavur Ahmed. But was suppressed by Kuvayı Nationalist forces.
    In 1920, the Ankara government is very committed to Bursa was sent as governor Volume Muhittin Bey. But in the meantime to support the Greek attack on the British Mudanya to gaye, Gemlik and Karamürsel troops were removed. Indeed, support one day after the regular Greek troops in Balıkesir Karacabey and National Kirmastı'yı aldıIar.Kuvâyî forces in the region Apolyont defense lines, in the face of strong enemy presence was not large. All troops and equipment were evacuated Bursa İnegöl sliding on to the invasion and July 8, 1920 the city has undergone. Bursa's enemies into the hands aroused great echoes. In the early days of the occupation on the people of Ontario did not have a print. But the Greek military defeat in war upon repeatedly censored in Bursa, house calls, unfair punishment, going to Anatolia and the trade was banned.
    War will not forget again August 30 Square is the miserable retreat, while the oppression and plunder of enemy troops, the devastation was not neglected. Bursa's also completely burned to the Turks and the minorities will be almost all of the news caused the city evacuated. 3.Kolordu, troops under the command of Şükrü Nail Pasha marched to Delhi. On September 9 the Greek resistance cavalry 1.Tümenin overcome several places south of the city the night of September more than 10 entries. The early hours of the morning to come to destroy the beautiful Ontario has the opportunity to regain genuine left without.
    Ontario City Hall headquarters will be in the city was in the right order. Those with the enemy during the occupation of collaboration were individually captured and brought to justice. Bursa enemy invasion was rescued September 11, 1922.
    Bursa, fertile soil with products obtained from the first years of the Republic of view, was an agricultural city. Traditional silk production was. Last 25 years, Turkey's textile and automotive industry has succeeded in becoming the center.


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