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    Antiquity Amaseia known as the city of Anatolia, among the oldest settlements of the city name hitit texts dated 1,400 BC, the pass was Hakki. According to the text during Hattusilis III Muvatallis and where an independent Mursilis III acted as ruler, Kaşka point of attack by spraying helped to stay out of the north. The city became important during the Hellenistic kingdom of Pontos. Mithridates I Ktistes'in about BC. 300 of the kingdom founded, by Sinop Pharnakes I made the capital of BC until conquered 183'te. After that, the proximity to the temple of Zeus Stratios (Mithridates, was built by Eupator Vl) and the king of Pontos monuments of a city so important to the kingdom has the distinction of being protected. Amasya BC. Roman general Lucullus were seized by 70'te. New management unit and Pompeius'un Bithynia took part in Pontos'un (Mo. 64). Antonius was given by an unknown dynasty and joined Galatia'ya between 3-2 BC. Diocletian and Constantine in his arrangements Diospontos'un metropolitan (metropolis) was. And the church has made a palace where the emperor Phokas. Sassanid ruler of the Iranian government last time Hüsrev Perviz city was taken back by the emperor Heraclius. A short time passed into the hands of the Arabs. Then Malazgirt War, Melik Gazi Danishmend XI. century. 's Latest towards the city was conquered. The first crusade was in Ankara and Çankırı conquered on a Amasya Raimond de Toulouse conducted by a heavy defeat if the Turks was forced to withdraw. Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Kılıç Arslan II put an end to the state with Danişment Amasya was the Seljuk territory floor (1177). Activity was concentrated in the city public works in the Seljuk period and Amasya became an important cultural center of Anatolia. Kılıç Arslan II, Seljuk state 1192'de split between his sons when, Amasya Nizamettin Argun to the Shah fell. Sultan Alaettin Keykubat I period (1220-1236), who escaped from the Mongol attacks Harizmliler placed here. Babailik's founder, Father Isaac, after spreading their views in the neighborhood of Kefersut of Amasya was placed in a village. Amasya, Sivas, Çorum, Tokat region has increased the effect. Amasya II has appointed riverhead Gıyasettin Keyhüsrev Armağanşah, Father Isaac was as to the bastion. I informed the Turkmen, Amasya, and they attacked Armağanşah'ı killed. The city is dominated by the Mongol period of Anatolia has also kept its importance. 1342 in Sivas fell to Eretna'nın regent. Then the order to the city Haci Pasha Şadgeldi prevailed. Şadgeldi, made a Qadi Burhanettin city died in the war, his son Ahmet Bey remained. Ahmet Bey, against the influence of Qadi Burhanettin Amasya delivered the Ottomans (1393). Governor of the city against the approaching danger Timur Mehmet Celebi was brought to the prince. Ankara from the war (1402) after the city's old valise Mehmet Celebi, according to Amasya center to Timur Sivas, Tokat region dominated to. Log in with his brothers over the throne, then use it as a fight to Amasya. Ottoman sultan Murat II, Mehmet II (Fatih), Bayezid II in Amasya in princes were found as a governor. Murat II and Selim I (Yavuz) was born in Amasya. Bayezit II's son, Ahmet, his brother Selim Introduction to fight against the throne was the governor of Amasya. Baba Caliph Shia uprising 1512'de vaulter Şahkulu'nun conquered Amasya Zünnun with a raid at the Yavuz Sultan Selim returned from the city of Amasya, Mustafa Pasha was appointed beylerbeyliğine. Egyptian expedition (1516-1517) during the father and Sheikh Jalal Zünnun sacked the city. Amasya, Sivas 1518'de connect to the flag was made. Assigned to the city's governor Prince Mustafa was appointed to the state flag independent. After the murder of Prince Mustafa was attributed to Sivas. Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Nakhichevan expedition turn left when you come to Amasya. Austrian envoy here Bushbecg'i treaty was signed here Amasya with etti.İran Kabul. XVI. century. "Beginning in the end leads to insurgency in the region of Amasya and the last gave Kuyucu Murat Pasha (1608). After this date, an important city and the region was not confusing. XIX. century. 'at the beginning of the second half of the approximately 25 000 people lived in the city. These are 2 of the study were 000 students and 18 theological schools. In the early days of the war of National Liberation, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the Amasya Circular was prepared here (21 June 1919). Anatolia and Rumelia with representatives of community legal Müdafaii talks between the representatives of Ontario's government has done here (Amasya Protocol 20-23 October 1919). After the declaration of the Republic of Amasya province become the center.

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