Ağrı'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Ağrı'nın İngilizce Tarihi


    Ağrı'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Central Asia from Anatolia, or entries during the pain of the people, created a transition, therefore became the scene of many civilizations. However, these civilizations as the door on a transition t pain where they create a very deep-rooted civilization. Dominate in the region, they lose their power of thought in on the Hittites, M.ö1200 between M.ö1340-Huri are far from the Kingdom as the center of Urfa have not held t pain.

    Urartu civilization has created the most rooted. North and northeast of Lake Van nude nun Urartu in the countries on the King ispuini (M.ö825-M.ö810) started in the period of time, King Menua (M.ö810-M.ö.786) even more weight gained during these raids. To the north and northeast of the castles built on the roads here have been planned in advance of the time shows.

    Slopes of Mount Ararat, between the village of Kara and Taşburun uncovered in this area of the Urartu inscriptions King Menua is clear evidence of dominance. The boy goes back to the Red River in the years M.ö.712 Cimmerians, pain, albeit a temporary one established rule. Medes (M.ö.708-M.ö.555) together with the destruction of the Assyrian Empire entered into a spreading process, the server layer of the soil and its surroundings have pain Incentives. Medes in the destruction with the Persians, King of Persia Great Alexander in III.Darius u (M.ö.331) has taken so far by beating Anatolian yu up nearly two centuries have lived in the region. On the death of Alexander the Great created a space that benefit from the Armenians have conquered the region.

    Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, the first place or came to the region in M.ö.680 community are the Saka. Murat River and settled in a short time to Dogubeyazit environment. Later Arsaklılar and Artaksıyaslı Kingdom, Pain and the environment is dominated. The region was conquered by the armies of Islam Hz.Osman time. 872 years under the control of the Abbasids until the pain, then passed to the control of the Byzantine.

    War to the region from 1071 Malazgirt Turkish tribes began to arrive. Pain, near-century of the State with a time limit of Sökmen entered into. Between the years 1027-1225 by Ani Atabek, Cengiz people in 1239, between the years 1256-1358 ilhan people and also ruled Celayir people have pain. ilhan Mount Ararat in the convention made people sometimes, Anatolia and Iran, I have managed here. Te of the Mongols in 1393 hakan Aksak Timur, was captured in pain.

    Pain between 1405-1468, took part in Kara Toprak, Karakoyunlu has passed down to the sovereignty of Akkoyunlus pain. Pain, Yavuz Sultan Selim of the Ottoman Empire after the war by Çaldıran participated.

    During the Ottoman era called şorbulak province name was changed to the Armenians Karakilise time. Karabekir-named Kazim Pasha Karakilise Karaköse time was called. Flood of interest due to the Torah and Mount Ararat ta mentioned that his country, Pain and the environment are therefore thought to be, by pain or western, ta called Ararat. In 1834 a parish, in 1869 the Ararat district, provincial capital in 1927 has become. 5165 m. Turkey is the biggest mountain with the height of Mount Ararat from the name because the pain was.


    The pain had made a crossing as the tribes so that it has come from Middle Asia became a scene for lots of civilizations, But these civilizations they couldn t therefore accepted pain as an entrance root organized civilizations.

    Between 1340-1200 BC the Hittites which was Hurris settled at this area as the sovereigned thought they had lost their power disticht. The pain that was far from Urfa couldn t have Hurris which was the center of the Kingdom.

    Urartians made the rootest civilization, King Ispuini (825-810 BC) in the countries which were started Expeditions in the North and the northeast of Lake Van at Urartu Sovereignty and increased in the period of King Menua these Expeditions (810-786 BC). The castles had been founded on the ways of the directions to the North and the northeast, shows that these raids had been planned before, An inscription was found between Urartu Karakoyunlu Village and Village on the slopes of Mount Ararat Taşkıran definite was the prof of the King Menua s dominance of this place.

    Dominant over temporary pain that settled across Kimmers Kızılırmak made in 712 BC .. Meds (708-555 BC) started to spread as the ruining of Assyrian so they obtained pain and its surroundings.

    Approximately 200 years to the time of Persians lived Alexander gained the great victory against Persian King Darius III. (331 BC) in this place as Meds disaster. Armenians die of the great Alexander obtained benefited from the place.

    The first Turkish society that come and are placed in the Middle Anatolian was that had come into this place in Saka 680 BC. They are placed in the Murat River and pain and its surrondings This place was Artaksıyaslı Kingdom dominated by Muslim army at the time of conqered Hz. Osman. Controlled by the pain that had Abaside till 872, was controlled Byzantine then.

    Turkish tribes came into this place after Malazgirt war, pain placed in tribes with Sökmen s Boundries approximately a century, 1027-1225 Ani Atabeks IN, in 1239 with Cengiz tribe, in pain, sometimes ilhan tribe had with their general meetings in Mount Ararat and they also managed Anatolia and Iran, in 1933, Mongol Khan Timur obtained Aksak pain area.

    The pain had placed in the tribe's land between Karakoyunlu 1405-1468 and with the runing of Karakoyunlu tribe, it was dominated by Akkoyunlu tribe, after the pain came into possesion Çaldıran ottoman s thec war.

    ity s name was known as Armenians but then changed the name as şorbulak Karakilise, if the term of Kazim Karabekir pah, was changed as Karakilise Karaköse. Mount Ararat and its surroundings have been mentioned in the Torah because of Noah's Ark so as Europians called Ararat Ararat. The pain had become anookin 1834, a city center atownin 1869 and 1927, took its name from Mount Ararat pain because of being the biggest mount ainof Turkey (5165)

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