İngilizce Bir Şiir

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  1. aybuke
    Usta Üye

    İngilizce Bir Şiir


    İngilizce Bir Şiir

    Forum Alev
    As it floated in the air;
    Its wings were spread in splendor,
    Unaware that I was there.
    It was such a thing of beauty,
    It was a sight to see;
    It was the perfect masterpiece,
    Full of grace and majesty.

    I found myself thinking,
    to what can this compare?
    And then, of course, I thought of you,
    And I wished that you were there.

    God sure was extra careful,
    When He formed and fashioned you;
    You too, became a masterpiece,
    Yet God is still not through.

    He's daily making changes,
    that other folks can't see;
    You're already true perfection,
    At least you are to me.

    Author Unknown


  2. Alev
    Özel Üye

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